Monday, December 7, 2009

So Now What....

Okay, so I wouldn't say that my life is crazy interesting. However, sometimes things happen to me or I find out things or I may just have something I would like to share with whoever. So, I decided to start a blog. A few people I know have one, including my lovely and talented sister Kellie Knapp. Her's is really cool. You can see hers at Anyways, I think that my blog will be fun. I'm thinking about doing a daily joke or funny story, crazy things that may be happening in the world or to me, fun events or things to do here in Vegas, etc. So first thing first, my name is Kacie Eversole. I am 27 years young and live in Henderson, Nevada with my crazy fun fiance Denis Romanchenko. And this is my new blog. Enjoy!!

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